Blau / bleu / blue / glas

Whichever language you choose – Occitan, French, English, Welsh to name just four – the Mediterranean was blue today, as Food, Photography and France found the Atlantic over on his side of the land the other day. In the port at Marseillan-plage this morning there was only one working fishing boat (alongside some pleasure boats and a shoal of horrible jet skis being prepared for the tourist season). The nets, the flies and the dead crabs’ legs on the quay were evidence that this boat is useful, and I love nets anyway, so I took a few photos.

nets-1 nets-2



As I said, the sea was blue, and a few intrepid tourists seemed to have decided it was summer:

sand and sea-5


We took shelter from the sun and the wind on a restaurant terrace with a view of the port and had a good lunch – soupe de poisson with nice garlicky rouille, seiche a la plancha with persillade, a pichet of local rosé…..and only the rosé was photographed.


11 thoughts on “Blau / bleu / blue / glas

  1. The nets surely denote a job well finished: hope it was profitable also! I’ll add another ‘blue’ from my birth country Estonia: ‘sinine’ 🙂 ! And I would have loved some of the ‘kalasupp’ also . . . methinks the translation will be automatic 😀 !!

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