A Saturday treat



Clams are much more expensive than mussels, but I love their sweet flavour so occasionally Lo Jardinièr and I treat ourselves to some from the coquillage van that brings them, along with oysters and mussels, to the village on Saturday mornings straight from the Etang de Thau at Bouzigues. We had some black squid-ink spaghetti so we cooked that while the clams opened slowly in a wide pan with just a little olive oil. When they were all open I added a few tablespoons of crème fraiche and some chopped oregano and garlic to the pan, mixed it well with the juices from the clams and added it all to the pasta. It took about ten minutes to make for lunch….

clams-2and serve with a glass of Viognier white wine made in the village.



What a treat!

9 thoughts on “A Saturday treat

  1. You’ve shared so many wonderful recipes for mussels and now I see your talent extends to clams, as well. This is a wonderful dish, made even more so by the squid ink pasta. “What a treat!” is right!

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