Olive flowers

A week or so later than usual, our Luque olive tree is flowering, in fact it’s covered in these tiny delicate flowers that are self-pollinating. They don’t seem to have any scent, because they don’t need to attract insects for pollination.







We mustn’t count our olives before they are ‘hatched’ because last year we had a lot of blossom but only a handful of olives from this tree, but it’s a hopeful sign to see so much flower.

9 thoughts on “Olive flowers

  1. How lovely! Ignorant ‘child’ that I am, I believe this is the first time I have sighted the blossoms, tho’ have been under the trees when fruit is ripe 🙂 ! How convenient too that the trees self-pollinate!

    • Would it like to live in Bexhill? We’re thinking of taking a lemon tree and a couple of olives on our next trip as we have a very, very sheltered garden there! Or it could come and visit its cousins in our little olive grove here!

  2. I just read your post title and started sneezing 😦 I am so very, very allergic to olive flowers – who’d have “thunk” it? 😦 Luckily ours have now just gone past this stage and we have little tiny olives (and lots this year, much better than last year) so I am hoping I can take the Michael Jackson style mask off soon!

    • Lucky for you the olive flowers don’t last long! I wouldn’t have thought they produced enough allergens to make you sneeze – sorry if my post did! I can see some minute olives on our trees to – so exciting.

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