Learning to fly

In the garden this morning a tiny fledgling, not much bigger than a large butterfly as I saw it in the corner of my eye, landed on a weed, or wild flower as Lo Jardinièr would say – we have plenty of those – and stayed for about 10 minutes while its worried parents chattered in the trees nearby, giving me time to take a few unaccustomed bird shots.  I think it may be a wren but would welcome more knowledgeable suggestions.



In the garden, the vegetables are ‘learning to fly’ too – we have a lot of small green tomatoes, a hopeful sign for next month when they should be ripe.


and the first rows of haricot beans, sowed rather late just a few weeks ago, are coming up:


And I’m learning to fly another blog: for over four years I’ve been contributing a photo a day (with only a few gaps) to my Blipfoto journal but I am unhappy about the changes being made there, which make it impossible for family and friends who are not subscribers to see more than a few of my entries at one session. So I’ve decided to start a photo blog – it won’t be every day, but I hope it will be most days, and it will have few words, just photos.


It’s Moments de lutz (moments of light in Occitan) and it isn’t just for family – please have a look if you have a moment!

12 thoughts on “Learning to fly

  1. Oh brave new world, that has such women in it. I dearly love the connection you’ve made between your fledgling, your vegetables, and your own fine self. Please don’t feel you must restrict yourself to “few words.” I’m so tired of restrictions. I will watch with pleasure and delight to see what you make with the new blog.

    • Thank you, Kendall, for your support as always. And one of the reasons for the blog is the lack of restrictions – you didn’t think I’d go for restrictions really, did you?! But I’ve explained my limited use of words in my reply to your comment on the other blog.

      • I didn’t think that, no. Now I understand. The intention to use “few words” is also an expression of freedom. It took me a few minutes, but I see.

  2. Lovely picture of the little bird. Our garden is alive with them as they nest in the north facing stone wall – which has plenty of gaps for them to nest in. I think it may be a sparrow (moineau). Your vegetables look wonderful – you can thank your lucky stars that you didn’t have the incredibly powerful hail storm that we had last night. I think it destroyed all fruit, vegetables and flowers in the area. I’ll check out your picture blog – look forward to it.

  3. Fledglings have invaded my yard, too. In fact, they seemed to have had an affinity for that fallen vine.Whenever anyone went into the yard, there was always a couple young birds in it, singing for their suppers. Yours was such a cooperative little fellow, though, allowing you to photograph it. I’ve just returned from your new blog and the photography is stunning. I’m glad you’ve decided to share your photos with us.

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