Pizzas on a rainy day

I don’t know where the Mediterranean summer has gone, but it’s been cold, windy and pouring with rain here for two days now.  We need the rain – for the garden, for the vines and to stock up reserves for the long dry summer, but it’s still not a very cheerful sight.  Under dark chilly clouds it seemed a good time to make bread and pizzas, so that’s how we spent the morning – making tomato and basil pizzas for lunch and rosemary focaccia just for fun.  For more than 20 years when we lived in Wales we made all our own bread because it was difficult to buy good bread there.  Here, with an excellent boulangerie only 50 metres from our house, we make it much less often, but it’s still fun to do it occasionally.

Our basil plants are just getting to the stage where we can use leaves from them, so this is what gave us the idea for the pizzas.


The recipes for the pizza and focaccia on the Food from the Mediterranean blog.