>Sowing after the rain / Semer après la pluie


After two more days of heavy rain there are no concerns about drought for the next few months.  The stream which runs down from the spring above the gardens, La Resclauze, is full.  The weeds are loving the rain, but luckily so are the plants and trees.

Après deux jours encore de pluie on ne doit pas s’inquiete sur la secheresse.  Le ruisseau qui coule de la source au-dessus des jardins, La Resclauze, est pleine.  Les mauvaise herbes aime la pluie, mais hereusement les plantes et les arbres aussi.

Sowing rampion / Semer le raiponce

Rampion is a plant which grows wild around the Mediterranean.  Its leaves can be eaten in salad and its roots are like radishes.  I found the plant mentioned in a poem by Occitan writer Max Rouquette (in Occitan the plant is called reponchon) and then discovered I could buy the seeds from Seeds of Italy.  In German the plant is called Rapunzel, as in the fairy tale, she of the long blonde hair.

Le Raiponce pousse autour de la Méditerranéen.  On peut manger les feuilles en salade et les racines comme les radis.  J’ai trouvé le mot Occitan, reponchon, dans un poème de Max Rouquette et puis j’ai les acheté de Seeds of Italy

.rampion seeds_1_1

The instructions on the packet included the Italian words: al momento della semina miscelare con sabbia.  Luckily I remembered just enough Italian to realise this meant the seeds must be mixed with sand and when I opened the packet I could see why.  They are the tiniest seeds I have ever seen!  The picture above shows hundreds of them in the palm of my hand.  I can hardly believe that they will grow!

Il faut mélanger les semences avec la sable parce qu’elles sont toutes petites.  Je ne peut guère croire que les plant pousseront!

Artichoke and chicken liver salad / Salade aux artichauts et à la foie de volaille

chicken liver salad_1_1

At home this evening Lo Jardinièr made this delicious salad with leaves from the garden, artichokes and chicken liver. / Chez nous ce soir Lo Jardinièr a fait cette salade delicieuse aux feuilles du jardin, les artichauts et la foie de volaille.

For our main course we had chicken rissoles with tomato sauce, bulgur and rainbow chard – the recipe for the rissoles is on the Mediterranean cuisine blog. / Pour le plat principal on a mangé des rissoles de poulet à la sauce tomate et au bulgour – la recette des rissoles est sur le blog Mediterranean cuisine

chicken rissoles 2_1_1