Green peppers, and an indulgence

Coming home to the garden, I found a lot of small green peppers that probably won’t grow much more or ripen so late in the year.  I picked some thinking of pickling them (something that worked well last year) but in the end decided to cook them for about 5 minutes or so in olive oil with a little chopped garlic.


The peppers went well with the tortilla Lo Jardinièr made for lunch.  The indulgent part was the blue cheese sauce our daughter told us she’d had with tortilla in Sevilla once.  Mixing blue cheese (here, our local bleu des causses) with crème fraiche doesn’t seem very Mediterranean, but who cares when it tastes as good as this!


>Rain at last! / La pluie enfin!


Last night and this morning we had about 10 hours of steady rain – very good for the garden.  /  Pendant la nuit et le matin il a plu pour 10 heures sans interruption – très bon pour le jardin.

DSC09232 DSC09239 DSC09242

But it was sad to see the plane tree roots being removed from the roadside.  /  Mais c’était triste de voir qu’on enlevait les racines des platanes.


The vines look very bright and green in the rain, though they’ll be turning autumnal very soon.

Les vignes sont très claires et vertes sous la pluie, mème si les couleurs d’automne apparaitront bientôt.


At lunchtime Lo Jardinièr tried out one of his souvenirs from our trip over the Spanish border – a device for helping to turn a tortilla, made of wood, the size of the frying pan … and it worked!  /  À midi Lo Jardinièr a essayé un des souvenirs que nous avons apporté de l’Espagne – un truc pour s’aider à tourner une tortilla, en bois et la mème taille de la poêle – et ça marche!

DSC09252 DSC09253
DSC09254 DSC09255
DSC09256 Et voilà ! DSC09257

We ate the tortilla with sobresada, a Mallorcan sausage which a neighbour gave us, given to him by a friend who’d been to Mallorca, tomatoes from the garden and aubergine with feta cheese, and a glass of red wine, of course!  Recipes for the tortilla and the aubergine dish will be on the recipe blog soon.