Burning last year

When our son was here a couple of weeks ago he and Lo Jardinièr cleared an area at the end of the garden where the bamboo, brambles, ivy and elder trees had taken over, with other weeds mixed in.  Now we have plenty of bamboo canes for this summer’s tomato plants and we had a huge pile of old canes and unwanted vegetation waiting to be burnt.  Yesterday, it was cold with frost still in the shady spots but bright and still, so perfect for a bonfire.



In spite of the cold nights we’ve had, there were a few flowers on the rosemary and a lot of buds promising more.  I took a few photos of them and some of the other plants in the low light.

rosemary flower



The birds have eaten most of our pyracantha berries – I’m glad we could provide them with some winter food.


This ceanothus is supposed to be a deciduous variety but here it rarely looses all of its leaves and now it is covered with flower buds.

weed - scabious

This is a weed that seeds itself all over the garden – I think it’s a kind of scabious.


And some lichen on a wall by the side of the road near the village.

>Beginning to win the battle with weeds

At last we seem to be catching up with the weeding after our holidays last month … there’s still a lot to do though.

Another cistus flower, a white one, lasted just for the day as they all do.

Yes, I know I’m obsessed with artichokes, but I’m pleased with today’s crop.