A couple of years ago during the winter I began a series of posts on kitchen essentials but I didn’t keep it up, I suppose because there were always other topics to post.  Today I looked around the kitchen and noticed how many different wooden pieces I use every day.  I thought it was time to resurrect the series.


Clockwise from top left: my great-grandmother’s bread board, showing the cuts of well over a century of bread knives, and its edge carved with the words ‘Waste Not’; a wooden tortilla turner that we bought in Navarra, one of Lo Jardinièr’s essentials as he’s the tortilla-maker usually; an assortment of spoons, fork, spatula and tongs, including the large spoon second from right that my mother bought in Turkey fifty years ago and that has been well used ever since; a lemon squeezer; my first proper kitchen knife (in those days they had wooden handles) that I’ve used since I was eighteen; and under these a chopping board made for us by our son.  There are others….I think there’ll have to be a Part II for this one!