>A perfect Sunday lunch / Un déjeuner parfait du dimanche


One of many, of course ….



A glass of rosé from Domaine des Pascales in Gabian, cucumber from the garden, carrots from our neighbour’s garden and olives (from a shop). / Un verre du vin rosé du Domaine des Pascales, Gabian, du concombre de notre jardin, des carrottes du jardin de notre voisin et des olives (achetées dans un magasin).

First course / entrée


Sweetcorn from our neighbour’s garden grilled on charcoal – the photo of the cooked ones didn’t come out very well, so here they are as they came off the plant). / Du maïs du jardin de notre voisin.

Main course / plat principal


Barbecued lamb chops and courgettes, cucumber and yogurt salad with red wine from Domaine Estève at Roquessels. / Côtes d’agneau et courgettes grillées, salade de concombre et du yaourt et du vin rouge du Domaine Estève, Roquessels.

Salad / salade


Borlotti beans, sweet onion and tomato salad. / Salade d’haricots Borlotti, oignon doux et tomates.

Cheese / fromage


Goats’ cheese from Mas Rolland, near Gabian. / Fromage de chèvre de Mas Rolland, près de Gabian.

And a little desert / et un petit dessert


A friend gave me the fruit from her small citrus tree – not a kumquat, but a bit like it – which I crystallised and dried in the oven. / Une amie m’a donné les fruit de son petit orangier – pas le kumquat, mais qui le rassemble un peu – que j’ai fait confire.

A very good lunch after we’d spent the morning bottling tomato sauce and making tomato purée for the winter. It’s nice to see the shelves filling up with jars again!

8 thoughts on “>A perfect Sunday lunch / Un déjeuner parfait du dimanche

  1. >That's such a nice bracketing of the season — both eating from the garden currently (and how jealous am I of your menu?) and also saving some for the winter. I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to make a deal with a local farmer about tomatoes if I want any to can. This year, at least.

  2. >Lunch looks absolutely delicious and delightful. I'm envious of your tomato harvest – still waiting for the first ripe one from my garden. Thank goodness there's some good local ones at the farmer's market.

  3. >The whole meal looks great, and very French… because I have to confess that we usually cook in a fairly Enlish fashion with the odd bit of Spain thrown in, but not very often even after being here for a year!

  4. >Oh, yum!I've just had breakfast but I'm salivating anyway at those delicious-looking plates!Like Michelle, we're waiting for tomatoes, but the basil to accompany them is ready.Happy eating!

  5. >Beautiful meal.Might the kumquat-like fruit be calamonsi? Calamonsi is a naturally occurring cross between kumquat and mandarin, is highly aromatic with sweeter skin and tangy-sour flesh. It is essential in Filipino cooking.

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