Apricots again

This time in alcohol. I haven’t tried this before with apricots but I have with cherries and figs which always turn out to be delicious after a few months in their jars. When I’ve preserved cherries and figs in this way I’ve used Armagnac or brandy, but because I didn’t want to overshadow the flavour of the apricots I decided to use vodka this time, because of its reputed lack of flavour. Vodka isn’t something I drink often, if at all, and I think this is the first bottle of it I’ve ever bought – and in a very good cause!

I sterilised a one-litre preserving jar. I cut the apricots in half, discarding the stones, and packed the half fruits in layers into the jar.

I put the pieces of fruit as close together as possible and after each layer I added two tablespoons of sugar until the jar was almost full.

I poured in enough (cheap) vodka to cover all the fruit and sealed the jar. Now I’ll just have to wait at least four months before tasting them to see if it’s worked.

And then I went to the sea and swam at Le Grau d’Agde.

13 thoughts on “Apricots again

  1. I was eager to see this post and it didn’t disappoint. My father once had a friend who packed cherries in his homemade “moonshine.” Those were some mighty potent cherries! I bet your method is much better both in taste and “effect”.

  2. You arranged the apricots so prettily in the jar, even if they don’t come out you will have had something beautiful to admire. I hope they taste great! The sea looks so inviting. The ocean here is not so inviting, it is certainly beautiful but the water is always chilly, it has warmed up to 55F (12.7C) lately, from a low of 50.

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