Vineyard on the last day of the year


These vines have been pruned, leaving one long branch to grow next season. All the vines will be pruned between now and March. In some of the larger vineyards on the plains this is done mechanically but here in the hills, with smaller parcelles, it is usually done by hand, vine by vine, through the winter. Wild rocket is growing here between the vines – it’s a wild plant that seeds itself in cultivated land. It’s ploughed into the earth and fertilises it.

It’s considered unlucky here to make wishes for the new year until it arrives, so I won’t do that today, but I’ll just wish you all an evening spent celebrating in the best way for you.

7 thoughts on “Vineyard on the last day of the year

  1. A beautiful sunny day. We had one yesterday, but today (31st) it’s raining again, as usual. I’ll meet my friend Laurie for lunch downtown and then join two other friends for a slow, chatty fondue dinner. I’ve never had fondue before, so this will be a whole new experience for me. I didn’t know about the bad luck thing, so I’ll hold my wishes for tomorrow as well.

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