>Pézenas market



Blue sky and a blue awning ….

DSC01334 hams and eggs … DSC01336 olives and dried fruit ….
DSC01335 hazelnuts and walnuts … DSC01337 cheeses and sausage …
DSC01349 more cheeses and sausages from Corsica … DSC01341
hats and scarves ….
DSC01350 sunny balconies … DSC01348

and hot chocolate in the sun.

7 thoughts on “>Pézenas market

  1. >My eyes, so accustomed to bland mega-grocery chains in the US, didn't know what to make of your shopping options. I often come home from a trip to my local chain grocery without much because even the produce is displayed with such lack of interest that nothing tempts me. Now I see why you cook and grow your own food – it's the bounty where you live. Even our best local farmers markets look bland compared to yours.

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