Figs and dates

The figs I hung up to dry in the kitchen last month are dry now and only a few have fallen down during the weeks they’ve been there.  I tried one today and it was sweet and not too dry, as I’d feared they might be.  I haven’t stored them before, so I’m hoping they will be all right in this tin for a couple of months.


It’s raining at last!  It makes the day dismal and grey, but the rain is very welcome for the garden where we’ve been unable to make our usual autumn sowings of broad beans and peas because the earth was just too dry to work.  In the rain, the dates on this palm tree seemed to shine in the gloom.


The dates don’t mature into edible fruits here, as they do in North Africa, but they look bright and colourful on a rainy day.  I noticed an invader too – this small plant was growing between the old leaf stems on the trunk of the palm.


4 thoughts on “Figs and dates

  1. Wish it would rain *here*. Nothing but beautiful sunny days… and we are in fine-ban full drought for all the “good” weather. Yum and yay to figs *and* dates! Is there a way to ripen them inside or something? Or do they just need more sun than they get there?

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