A double challenge

IMGP3121 Skewered – vegetables ready for the barbecue

I’ve been challenged twice now (the same challenge), by Food, Photography and France and Chica Andaluza, to choose  a list of my posts under different headings.  This is difficult for me because I decided when I began blogging that I wasn’t going to respond to challenges like this and I’ve been putting this one off for the last few days, partly because I’ve been busy with family staying for holidays but also because I was reluctant to join in.  But this time, with not just one but two of the bloggers who’ve welcomed me to WordPress since my move being kind enough to think of me, I’ve decided to try.

The most beautiful post: for its colour and happy memories of helping my nephew to make aïoli for the first time, Aïoli with crudités.

The most popular post: looking at my statistics since my move, this seems to be Aubergine and pepper salad.

The most controversial post was probably one of the ones I’ve written over the years about my belief that some forms of meat rearing are sustainable and necessary for balanced food production and that vegetarianism is a valid personal choice but not essential in order to save the planet.  It’s been a while now since I’ve raised this issue, but I was told by one vociferous opponent of my views that my very reasoned (I thought) comments were not welcome on his blog.  Sad, I felt, that we could not discuss it. This is one post from three years ago: Can meat be sustainable?  This post is also a guilty reminder for me that I used to write my blog bilingually in French as well as English, but lately have not had the time to do this.

The most helpful post: again, this goes back a few years, but over those years it has attracted a lot of attention from those not sure about courgettes/zucchini flowers.  Courgette/zucchini flowers – male or female?

The post I’m most proud of:  I thought this one would be difficult, but looking back through my old posts I found this one which sets out some of the philosophy behind our gardening, cooking and eating – Why do we garden?  I’d forgotten I’d written this, but it was good to read it again and find that my basic ideas haven’t changed.

I’m beginning to run out of time for this, so I’ll end my list here and just say thank you to the bloggers who’ve passed this challenge on.  I’ve responded because I find their blogs so interesting and enjoyable, but I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it!  Most of the bloggers who have been kind enough to comment on my posts since I moved to WordPress, especially these two and  And then make soup and Tales of Ambrosia, already seem to have been involved in this challenge, so I’ll just mention a couple of my old friends from the ‘other’ place who have followed me here:

Kate from Australia is one of the few fellow bloggers I’ve actually met.  She stayed with us on her first Vegetable Vagabond tour around the world and we spent a wonderful few days exchanging ideas, eating great food cooked by her and by us, and gardening.  Her blog is here and it’s full of interesting and enthusiastic comment on her life, food and gardening now in Tasmania but with a view on the world.

Michelle at From seed to table grows wonderful vegetables and cooks delicious food in California and also sent me some of her caper seeds which have resulted in five plants we hope will one day produce capers like hers.

3 thoughts on “A double challenge

  1. First of all I want to thank you for mentioning my blog. Indeed, when I started my blog, one of the first blogs I noticed was yours. Your blog is synonym to colors, freshness, nature, beauty, and most of all, love for food. I love the simplicity of your dishes, but in the same manner, their richness. What else? Your picture of food is one of the best portraits of food I have ever come across. Bravo!

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